Did You Blow It?

Sound Familiar?

photo of man hitting snooze button on alarm clockYou turned over the proverbial new leaf and pledged your commitment to a new habit. Maybe it's about eating healthier, exercising better, or working smarter. Whatever it is, you know it comes down to being consistent. So how's it going so far? You're in good company if this sounds familiar:

  • Week 1: Doing great, feeling strong, and repeating that positive affirmation that came to you in a moment of inspiration. You don't even care if you sound like one of those way-too-peppy life-coach types because you're psyched and serious this time!

  • Week 2: Slipping a little from your intended new routine, but overall still feeling good.

  • Week 3: Your voice of affirmation has left the building, and all you can hear are the words: You blew it.

If this is you, don't worry because blowing it is how breakthroughs happen.

How Breakthroughs Happen

My client, Sasha¹, wants to adopt the Paleo diet and is using the 80/20 plan, which means eating Paleo 80% of the time. When she was dissatisfied with her efforts at keeping to the plan, I suggested we check three things:

  1. The Standard - Is the 80/20 lifestyle one she really wants and can see for herself? Sasha answered affirmatively and without hesitation.

  2. The Strategy - What's working and what's not? As we discussed this, it became clear that Sasha needs some specific ways to manage her impulse to snack on junk at certain times of the day.

  3. The Expectation - Is success progress or perfection? For Sasha, allowing some less-than-perfect days (even those that are outside her 80/20 ideal) helps her avoid going into all-bets-are-off mode and giving up.

Berating yourself doesn't get you very far. If you can instead see "blowing it" as a cue to become the observer and take a look at what's really going on, then you'll create the right conditions for a breakthrough to happen.

Check In With Yourself

What new habits could you adopt this year to help you reach your goals, whether work-related or personal? As you practice being consistent with these new routines, let every little screw-up teach you.

This Week's Call To Action:

  • The next time you blow it in an attempt to form a new habit, check the three areas outlined above. Ask yourself: What needs adjusting: the standard, the strategy, or my expectations?

Every day is a chance to refine what it is you're after and how you want to live. Try again, strengthen your resolve, and give yourself a little room.

Here's to you,
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¹Name changed for privacy