Go, Go, Go!

Everybody Needs It

photo of Ginny's theme boardIt was a few days before my birthday in early December 2009, and a card from my parents had just arrived in the mail. Mom's Alzheimer's symptoms were still subtle at that time. Previously she would have written "Dear Ginny" and "Love Mom and Dad." In this card, however, there were only three words: Shine, Ginny, Shine. I was immediately struck by the coincidence in that I had just selected my theme for the upcoming year: Shine. Though I hadn't shared that with her, somehow my mother had known what to affirm. It wasn't the first time.

Years prior, when I was 30 years old and about to get divorced, many people asked me how my parents would react. I can still picture standing by the kitchen sink with my mother, breaking the news to her. Her immediate reaction was one of understanding, along with a go-for-it type of encouragement that affirmed I was on the right path. Eight years later, when I was in the early stages of my coaching venture, my mother was always interested in learning what coaching was all about and would often show her enthusiasm for what I was doing by ending our conversations with: Go, Go, Go!

I'm not embarrassed to say that I loved hearing those words. Just as children do and even as adults, we need encouragement. Since it doesn't always come from the people we'd like to hear it from (whether that's a parent, spouse, or friend), it's a smart idea to cover our bases.

It Comes In Different Forms

When working on ambitious goals or initiating change, it's only natural to encounter obstacles that will make you question the clarity you thought you had, your own ability, and at times, your sanity. That's why securing a support team is a conversation I always have with clients. In the Now What?® program, there is a distinct section devoted to naming the people who support you and thinking through the type of support each person provides. Your list will likely include a mix of family, friends, colleagues, and hired professionals.

One client told me it was an a-ha for her to realize that she couldn't expect her husband to supply all the kinds of support she would need with her new venture. Another client commented that he could always rely on his best friend to say "good idea" but that he also needed someone to give him critical feedback.

Line It Up

When you realize the people in your life support you in different ways, you can set your expectations appropriately, be more specific when asking for help, and acknowledge each for what they offer. You can also solve for any gaps where additional support is needed.

This Week's Call To Action: What are you pursuing this year that's important to you? Line up the people who will encourage you to Go, Go, Go!

"Correction does much, but encouragement does more."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here's to you,
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