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Living Your Potential

Expanding Your Horizon

Winter Stirrings

Last January, I shared with you my intention to set goals for the year with a bit less structure, allowing my vision to guide me in a more intuitive fashion, with an emphasis on flexibility.  The winter that followed was full of stirrings and events that underscored the intention I had set.  I had a calm feeling, however, that the stirrings would somehow move me forward.  I didn’t know what they meant – just that a shift was occurring.

Taking a Left

In a spring issue of Living Your Potential, I described ":taking a left" as looking at things from a new perspective and being open to opportunity – whether it be a simple moment of spontaneity or a more distinct change in direction.
Over a casual dinner out this June, this is exactly what I proposed to my husband: that we take a left and consider moving west.  His frequent business travel to Arizona was the impetus for this left, yet with our strong ties to the northeast, he was reluctant to bring it up as a serious consideration.  I hadn’t been too keen on the idea a year earlier.  For various reasons, it felt right to consider it this summer.  What was significant was the experience of looking at something with new eyes as well as an open heart and mind.

Where Intention Takes You

As I write this issue, I am sitting in the back yard of our new house, having just arrived yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Though the boxes inside promise to keep us busy for several months to come, I already have a sense of being home.  A few years ago, I wrote down a vision of my ideal home and inserted the vibrant yellow detail of perhaps having a lemon tree.  I was delighted to discover that there are three trees in our new back yard: grapefruit, orange, and lemon.

This has been a year of: stirrings, opening to new possibilities, trying them on, excitement, hesitation, peace in knowing, and finally E – X – P – A – N – S – I – O – N.  For my husband and me, this move feels expansive, both personally and in terms of our respective businesses.  I am grateful that my coaching business is portable, since most of my work with clients is via phone.  (In fact, I am now able to extend additional evening hours to those who live in time zones east of Arizona.) 

Expanding Your Horizon

How is your life calling you to expand?  What might be next on your horizon?

Every experience I have gives me new perspective to bring to my coaching relationships.  I know that it is easier to make decisions when I feel connected to my values, vision, and purpose.  That is why it is my great joy to encourage and challenge others to think expansively as they envision their own lives.

I could swear that lemon tree just winked at me.

Here's to you,
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