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Living Your Potential

Take a Left

The Kind of Phone Call I Like to Get

One evening last summer, my phone rang and displayed the familiar Florida area code.  My father-in-law’s voice sounded pleased.  “I’m calling to tell you that Sandi and I were just out to dinner and as we were driving home, I made a left instead of a right and now we’re at the beach, looking at a beautiful sunset.” 

I smiled, and in my mind, saw the sun’s rays over the water and smelled the ocean air.  Phil knew how much I love the beach.  When he handed the phone to my mother-in-law, Sandi, she beamed, “Gin, I just want to tell you… I’m living my potential.” 

I was delighted that they had called to share their after dinner dessert — a scoop of spontaneity.  It is true that we feel more alive when we open our eyes to the simple joys right there for the taking.  These moments are magnified when we experience them with others, even long distance. 

What Does it Mean to Take a Left?

“Taking a left” is looking at things from a new perspective.  It involves flexibility, an element of surprise, and openness to opportunities.  Sometimes it is simply a glorious moment of spontaneity.  Other times it involves a more distinct change in direction (e.g., where you live, the places you visit, or the activities in which you engage).

When coaching someone who is looking for a new job or discerning the next career move, I often challenge them by saying, “Vary your footprint.”  This could mean attending a seminar or professional event, having lunch with someone new, or participating in a different type of project.

Your Next Left

Where in your life might you benefit from a new perspective?  Do something that varies from your usual routine.  Allow something different.  Invite opportunity.  Anticipate the best.  Take a left. 

In memory of my father-in-law, Philip Kravitz
May 16, 1928 - March 17, 2006

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