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Living Your Potential

Reflecting on Your Year

A Ritual to Cultivate

For many years now, I’ve cultivated my own year end ritual of taking some time to pause and reflect on the year that is concluding.  I do this from both a personal as well as a career and business perspective.

Over time, this ritual has evolved.  In its earlier form, it was strictly goal-oriented: Did I do what I said I was going to do?  It had the feel of a report card and sometimes, as a colleague of mine recently confessed about his own process, I could be a tough grader.  Certainly, it is helpful to check up on goals you’ve set for yourself.  What I’ve learned, however, is not to judge myself, but rather to simply consider where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I am headed.

Going Deeper

I find it helpful to recall the year by skimming through the seasons in my mind.  For instance, I think back to last winter and remember the activities that occupied my time and focus.  I recall my work projects, trips I took, social engagements, and family events.  I do the same for the other seasons and as I go along, I remember what was enjoyable, challenging, surprising, or difficult.  I acknowledge what there is to treasure, say goodbye to, or keep moving forward.  I list my accomplishments and in doing so, I celebrate them.

Why is this ritual important?  Because it yields…


Your Year, Your Wisdom

What have you learned and how have you grown this year?  For what are you most grateful?  This month, take some time to reflect.  Respect your own wisdom.  You might even like to share your insights with someone close to you.

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