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Living Your Potential

Accomplishments: Celebrate Yours

What You Focus On, You Enlarge

Periodically, I give my clients the assignment of tallying their accomplishments.  Sometimes they groan a little.  After all, goal-oriented people tend to look ahead.  So I usually need to explain that it’s not just a feel good exercise and it’s not so they can rest on their laurels. 

Celebrating victories does feel good.  Just as important, you are building the muscles of success and gratitude:  powerful emotional states that set you up for more of the same.  What you focus on, you enlarge.

Making Your List

Review the past year in your mind and write down your accomplishments.  Include business or professional milestones, personal triumphs, progress toward goals, and anything else that is significant to you.  Ask yourself: What did I accomplish?  What am I proud of?  What did I let go of?  What did I gain?  What did I give?  What did I receive?

Some curve balls from the year may also come to mind.  Think about how you responded, what surprised you, and what you learned.

And, Since It's Thanksgiving

Mark the items on your list for which you are especially grateful.  Who supported you?  Say thank you to those people and tell them specifically how they made a difference.

Celebrate your accomplishments and your life this year.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Here's to you,
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Editor’s Note: Keep your notes from this exercise.  The next two issues of Living Your Potential will take this idea further to position you well for 2005.

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