Managing Overwhelm

Managing overwhelm means improving how you deal with this uncomfortable feeling as it arises and understanding what it is trying to tell you. This is an important skill to master since feeling overwhelmed from time to time “comes with the territory” when you are living a full life. The following two programs can be incorporated into your overall coaching program gradually, or taken on as the main focus and practiced in depth. This topic is also very relevant to work environments and can be effectively adapted for groups and organizations.
In the Current Coaching

OASIS in the Overwhelm

This coaching program is based on Millie Grenough's book: OASIS in the Overwhelm: 60 second strategies for balance in a busy world. Recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. David Katz, and other experts in the field of preventive health, the core of the OASIS strategies is that they address four dimensions of awareness: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Simple to perform, yet profoundly effective, the strategies help you determine the most appropriate action to take in the present. The underlying OASIS philosophy is based on the latest scientific research that indicates you can learn to "rewire your brain" and establish healthier ways of dealing with stress.

The four basic OASIS strategies can be learned in one hour or less. Each one takes only 60 seconds to do. As an authorized OASIS Trainer and co-author of the OASIS 28 Day Guide, I will not only teach you the strategies but also show you variations and tips for remembering how and when to use them in your everyday life. Combining OASIS training with my coaching gives you the opportunity to proactively manage your real life situations and challenges. Go from learning the OASIS strategies to mastering them. Feel what "rewiring the brain" really means!

Breaking Through Overwhelm

In my Breaking Through Overwhelm series, we pick up where OASIS leaves off and explore how you can reduce unnecessary overwhelm as a recurring force in your life by strengthening each of the following areas that are connected to this dynamic:

Specifically, you will learn:

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