Coaching Programs

Premiere Program:

In the Current® Coaching

In the Current Coaching In this program, you select a specific focus for our work together and we take a very customized approach. As we address your personal and professional goals, we will naturally move through the five stages of living in the current: Your Defining Moment, Gaining Clarity, Enjoying Now, Moving Forward, and A Powerfully Graceful Life.

The program is designed with flexibility so that you can select from a menu and work at the pace that is right for you. I will also introduce tools and resources as needed to support you in pursuing your goals and living more fully In the Current. In the Current® Coaching is available in a private or shared format.

Specialty Programs:

Now What?® Coaching

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction is a unique program based on the proven coaching system created by Laura Berman Fortgang. If you are at a point of evaluating what is next in your career or life, this program provides a concrete process for clarifying your direction. Now What?® Coaching may be just what you need if you are:
Now What Program The Now What?® Coaching program is available in a private, shared, or group format. Click here for more information.

Managing Overwhelm

The Managing Overwhelm Program takes stress management to a whole other level by providing skill-building in several key related areas. There are two components to this program: Oasis in the Overwhelm program
  1. OASIS in the Overwhelm — Millie Grenough, executive coach and clinical instructor at the Yale School of Medicine, created the OASIS program based on the latest brain research. These four simple yet profoundly effective strategies are easily learned, can immediately help reduce stress, and are able to be assimilated into your daily routine. In addition to being in the pioneer group of Milli's Authorized OASIS Trainers, I am also a co-author to the companion book, the OASIS 28-Day Guide.

  2. Breaking Through Overwhelm — In this series, we pick up where OASIS leaves off and explore how you can reduce unnecessary overwhelm as a recurring force in your life by strengthening each of these areas: mindset, daily planning, decision-making, organizational style, and communication style. These "preemptive" techniques, which I discovered for myself over the years and then shared with others, will help you avoid making a habit out of stress and, instead, learn to use the feeling of overwhelm as a signal to make more effective choices.
The Managing Overwhelm Program is available as a private, shared, or group training. Click here for more information.

Coaching Formats

Private Coaching:

In this one-on-one coaching format, sessions are via telephone and typically occur 2-4 times each month, depending on the package selected. Private coaching gives you the maximum amount of personal attention and focus. Since 100% of the time is dedicated to you, you have the flexibility to set the direction and adjust the pace accordingly.

Shared Coaching:

This is a two-on-one arrangement: joint coaching sessions for you and one other person. With this format, you share coaching time as well as the cost. You have the added benefit of learning from someone else while still retaining some of the customization and flexibility of private coaching. Your coaching partner can be a friend, colleague, or someone with whom I match you.

Group Coaching:

In this format, you participate in a small group which meets regularly via telephone conference. With the group, you get the interaction and perspective of other people. There is a special dynamic that occurs where you get coached even when I am coaching someone else. That means you'll very likely gain insight when listening to a member of the group, as well as when you are contributing directly. Another advantage is that group rates are very economical. Group coaching programs are announced periodically and also occur on demand, based on specific interest. To initiate a group or add your name to a groups on demand waiting list click here.

Which Format is for You?

Each of the coaching formats has its advantages and often it's simply a matter of what appeals to you at a particular time. If you would like assistance in deciding which format is best for you, request your free private consultation here.