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Keep It Current

Mid-Year Retreat

Last month I attended an event at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, CT with fourteen other master trainers of OASIS in the Overwhelm. A full day of discussing how brain science validates the beneficial effects of even short periods of downtime, was an invitation to create this space for myself. I did this in the form of a two-part retreat: a day and a half in Norwich, CT with my friend Monica, followed by a day and a half in Exeter, NH with my sister Lori.

One afternoon Monica and I sat down outdoors to talk about work, life, and what we see for the near future. The light winds on a partly cloudy New England day stirred our imaginations. We decided to incorporate one of my favorite writing exercises: Make It Up.

After exchanging what we had written, we asked each other questions (just what you would expect from two friends who are both coaches and one a therapist). As usual, bursts of laughter ensued followed by flashes of insight.

What I noticed as I read my fictitious scenarios out loud was that I had removed some of the major elements that are part of my current work and then added them back in, selectively, with some subtle yet significant changes.

I commented to Monica: "I just did a Vision Elimination Diet." That's the metaphor that came to mind, because like a food elimination diet, I had taken a similar approach with my vision for the future: remove, notice, add back in, notice.

Remove, Then Choose

When you attempt to add something to an already full menu of activity, there is an implicit assumption being made about what is still necessary or desired. What if in your mind's eye, you removed everything first? Then, if you could choose, what are the components you would add back in?

I shared my Vision Elimination Diet with a friend who said, "Part of me wants to take down my vision board." She has the instinct it's time to start fresh. On the very same day, another friend texted me to say she is creating a new vision board and it's getting her excited and motivated. And there you have it: the main thing with any vision, goal, or plan is to keep it current.

On the last day of my retreat, I stood by the river in Exeter, NH with my sister Lori and watched the water. It really does move. The river of life is always moving. By its very nature, our vision for the future evolves. The vision is in motion.

Keep It Current

After the retreat, I returned home with a renewed sense of clarity and calm. Having affirmed a great deal, I have new perspective and ideas I'm already putting into practice.

This Week's Call To Action:

  • Have your own self-guided retreat. Let the next windy day be an invitation to stir things up. Ask: Where on the river of life am I now? Where do I want to go?

  • Take the elimination diet approach when envisioning the future. Consider what is needed: moderation or big change? Only add what is truly nurturing and satisfying to your diet.

  • Keep it current: Let go of old notions that are no longer relevant. Stay grounded in the present and connected to a vision of the future that makes you feel alive. Rearrange, update, affirm, leave room, take action.

Move forward with clarity and confidence, saying:

I am free to choose.
And I am happy with my choices.

See you in the current,
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