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Connect with Both

Naming It

Eleven years ago, in a conversation with my coach, we debriefed the eventful year that was about to conclude. It had been one of changes beginning with leaving my corporate career to start my coaching business, and then planning a wedding and getting married. As we looked back at the year and reflected on all that had occurred, Tracey commented, "You did it all in a powerfully graceful way." Without knowing it at the time, Tracey was naming the most important elements of what I would eventually call "living in the current."

The 5th Stage

photo of peaceful riverA powerfully graceful life is what I've named the 5th Stage of living in the current, and I describe it as a lifelong art to master. In every year, there are things that happen on the river of life. Some give you a thrill, some knock you out of the raft momentarily, and others give you a chance to glide. Everything that happens serves to move you along.

The current of power gives you the boldness to set your direction and the confidence to take action. The current of grace allows you to trust what life is revealing to you even though certain details are hidden from view.

Power & Grace Are Always Available

Whenever I look back on a year -- or even a single day, for that matter -- there are times I can say yes, I did that in a powerfully graceful way, as well as those times when I could have used a dose more of both.

The currents of power and grace are always available -- running through you, running through life. Connect with both as you reflect on the past year and as you look out to the future.

Thank you for being with me In the Current this year. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Best Wishes,
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