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The Effect You Have

This Week's Profile

As I've shared with you recently, new things are in the works at In the Current®, including a brand new website which will launch in the near future. This week, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at one of the profiles that will be highlighted on the new site. I selected this story because it complements the theme described in Bring It With You, last month's article which several of you wrote to me about.

Mindy's Story

In 2006, Mindy participated in a Now What?® Group Coaching Program to explore possible new paths to take her career. Interestingly, what emerged as a powerful theme was her love of music and her desire to pick up the violin again. This clue informed her as she sought to articulate her purpose — who she is at her core. Mindy expresses this as: to bring lightness of spirit to other people. She began to give her niece violin lessons and eventually joined a community orchestra.

Today Mindy attends weekly rehearsals and performs at concerts once a month. Mindy has had the honor of playing second chair First Violin and in order to hold her place she must practice consistently and compete with her fellow players on quality. Playing the violin is an activity Mindy enjoys alongside her full time job as a Support Availability Manager with an IT Management Software and Solutions Company.

What Mindy said upon completion of the coaching program in 2006:

"I liked the way we were to let go of our previously conceived "can't" list and work from a place in the past when we were invited to dream more on our future… and that to do this process we had to remain open and not pigeon-hole ourselves."

"The most meaningful discovery I made… is that regardless of where I work, I create my reality by my choices."

What Mindy says today:

"Each week at concerts, I'm aware that by stepping out of my work reality into this other aspect of my life, I am completely taken over by it.  When I am through, I notice a change in my sense of self.  It challenges me in a way I am not utilizing for work, and I am giving something that seems very tangible to people who get a new experience at every concert we play.  It is a bit Zen-like because when I am through, my senses are reawakened, I even breathe differently, and I am at peace — I don't get that any place else. I almost can't drive my car correctly after rehearsals!"

What Affects You?

What accompanied Mindy's clarity of purpose was not a drastic career change but rather a desire to pick up the violin again after many years. Just as she wanted to "bring lightness of spirit" to others, Mindy experiences lightness of spirit when she abandons herself to the music. And so it goes with living your purpose. The effect you have on others is directly related to what affects you deeply.

This Week, consider:

  • Like playing the violin for Mindy, what affects you deeply? What kinds of things are you drawn to? When you are engaged in them, what is the effect you have on others?

  • What brings you lightness of spirit? Whatever it is, make some room for it this holiday season and share it with those around you.

Here's to you,
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