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Did You Say Steer?

photo of steerEver start a new endeavor where, right from the onset, you weren’t sure whether you would be successful? I observe this fairly often during the coaching process. The words might not actually be spoken but I’ll feel them. Someone will be a few weeks into a coaching program and I can hear the doubtful thoughts enter the room with a thud. What if this doesn’t work for me? Can I do it? Sure it works for other people, but will it work for me?

Recently I was talking to a woman who expressed her concern about whether she’d be able to make the discoveries she was hoping to make and receive the clarity she was looking for. That’s when I asked her to recall a past accomplishment… at least I think I did. I’m not sure exactly what I said that led her to disclose this curious fact: “Well, I roped a steer once.”

Ginny: Did you say steer?
Kelly: Yup.
Ginny: Wow, a steer.
Kelly: Well, it was a small one.
Ginny: Nevertheless.
Kelly: (Laughs)
Ginny: What did you learn from that experience?
Kelly: I didn’t think I could do it but I did. And I got a trophy, too.
Ginny: Hmm. I have a feeling that if you can rope a steer, you can successfully complete this program. What do you think? Are you willing to say, “Hey, I roped a steer. I can do this, too,”?
Kelly: Yes, I am.
Ginny: Great! And if you want, I’ll give you a trophy afterward.

What If You Were Certain?

In a similar vein, my client, James, recently shared an insight that dawned on him after struggling with getting his new business venture off the ground. He said that he absolutely knew that if he wanted to slim down and get in shape he could, because he had done that easily before, once he had made up his mind. James realized that he just needed to transfer that sense of certainty he possessed in the physical fitness arena to the business venture. A few weeks later, he noticed he was making decisions more easily, taking action, and making better progress. The actual feeling of confidence came after his decision to be confident, to “transfer his certainty” from a prior success.

You’ve Heard of Transferrable Skills

Just as you’re accustomed to highlighting the skills that transfer well from one job to the next, remember that success is transferrable, too. You can replicate the mindset and behaviors of a prior experience that resulted in success.

This Week:

    photo of trophy
  • As you approach something that appears difficult, reference a time that you handled a challenge successfully. What was the steer you roped?

  • What did you learn from that experience? Take that lesson, skill, and attitude with you as you approach whatever feels daunting now. Say: I can do this. I roped a steer.

Your trophy is waiting. How would you like it engraved?

Here's to you,
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