Your Time Is Now

The Question To Ask First

graphic of sign post indicating now, tomorrow and yesterdayBefore setting goals. Before making plans and to-do lists. Before the work that’s been waiting for you since the holidays. Before anything, ask yourself this question: What is it time for?

To hear your deepest answer, try this right now, wherever you are. Close your eyes, just for a few moments, long enough to take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself again: What is it time for in my life? What am I now ready for in a way I hadn’t been until now? Quickly jot down the first things that come to your mind.

Above All Else

If what you wrote includes various goals, resolutions, or action steps, that’s fine; however, take another look and see how they add up. What rises to the top? What’s the overarching theme? Perhaps it’s something to welcome into your life or to claim… a way of living, a way of being. Whatever is calling to you at this particular time, it is inviting you to accept the challenge, embrace the work, and receive the gift of trusting, enjoying, and growing with your life.

You Are Ready

The question, “What is it time for?” is a great one to take into your days this year. It keeps you in the present —where the power is— and helps you peel yourself away from the myriad of things to be done in the future… to see what is here for you now.

In truth, your time is always now. And you are always ready for something.

I am ready. My time is now.

Here's to you,
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