Inspiration Is All Around You

And It’s Reciprocal

I may have chosen this profession because I like to inspire others, however it’s also true that plenty of times I’m the one who gets inspired. In a year of unique economic challenges, tough employment conditions, and turmoil around the globe, I’ve witnessed friends, family, colleagues, and clients from all corners of the world become more patient, more flexible, more creative, more persistent, more willing, and more courageous.

These are the things I’ve seen my clients and other people around me embrace this year:

financial health and empowerment
higher personal and professional standards
their health and well-being
a willingness to focus and make time for the important things
a desire to connect with something bigger
an understanding of what brings purpose and meaning to their lives

You might think that some of these would be the first things to go in difficult times, but what I’ve seen is an even deeper commitment to them…and that is truly awesome.

graphic of the word inspire written in the sandOn this eve of a brand new decade, recall some of the year’s moments of inspiration that were shared with the people in your life.

Regardless of who does the inspiring, the great thing about inspiration is that it’s reciprocal.

Thank you for spending time with me this year by reading and responding to Current of Life. I promise to keep the inspiration coming in 2010!


“Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on,
with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
— Hal Borland

Here's to you,
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