Heed the Call

What Then?

Have you ever wrestled with what to do about a certain situation only to arrive at a solution that was clearly making itself known to you, repeatedly over time?

Have you ever kept yourself in the place of not-sure-what-to-do-next when indeed on some level you knew precisely what would benefit you?

In the last issue, Can You Hear It?, I posed the question: How do you step away from the noise to hear your inner guidance? Today we pick up from there with this question: Now that you’ve heard it, what do you do with it?

Obey Your Insight

I know I need to do something about this. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. That’s what we hear ourselves say. Sometimes we get the message, even a strong one, but we hesitate and procrastinate instead of taking action. We imagine that doing something differently will only mean sacrifice or discomfort and we forget the potential reward. Couldn’t the change we’re considering be challenging and fun… or at least not as hard as we thought?

Two clients immediately come to mind. Both have overcome significant personal challenges to reach their goals and each commented that anticipating what they imagined would be difficult took more energy than actually going through it. They both expressed feeling lighter and freer now that they had acted on their insights.

Heeding the call means paying attention to your insights and acting on them without hesitation. In the last few weeks I’ve witnessed these examples of heeding the call:

  • A man who decided it was time to make himself happy by pursuing a new line of work that incorporates his interests;
  • A woman who gave herself some extra space and time to heal from a crisis;
  • A man who decided to manage stress in a new way after experiencing a blood pressure spike that scared him;
  • A woman who tossed multiple bags of clutter from her office — a symbol that she’s ready to let go of what’s held her back in exchange for a new level of success and clarity;
  • A woman who spoke up at work and was rewarded for sharing her candid perspective.

photo of scalesTip the Scales

The first step toward obeying your insight and heeding the call may not be earth-shattering or particularly exciting at first, but oh how the scales tip in your favor when you put into motion a realization that you have received.


This Week:

  • Acknowledge Your Insight: What has occurred to you recently about an area that warrants your attention? Is it something to do with your job, your health, a relationship, your finances, or an interest that you’ve delayed until now?

  • Take a Single Step. What course of action will you now pursue? What is a single step in this direction that you will take this week?

“Today I do affirm that I am Divinely guided...
There is That within which knows what to do and how to do it,
and It compels me to act on what It knows.”
Ernest Holmes

Here's to you,
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