Can You Hear It?

What Does Your Little Man Say?

There’s an episode on Seinfeld where George can’t decide what to do about his girlfriend. Kramer tries to help by asking, “Now what does the little man inside you say?” Even more agitated, George retorts: “My little man’s an idiot!” Poor George. He couldn’t hear it. There was too much noise in his head.

When I’m coaching someone and I ask a question, the first response is often, “I don’t know.” Rather than rush to suggest an answer, I hold the space. Usually within a few moments, the person does have an important thought to share. They just needed a place to hear themselves think.

Since noise —in our heads and in our surroundings— is part of life, having a place to hear yourself think is essential. Otherwise we’re likely to go with the loudest voice in the room and that’s not necessarily the best move.

Step Away

How do you step away from the noise to hear your inner guidance? Here’s what some people say works for them:

  • photo of man bicyclingwhen I’m in the shower
  • over my morning cup of coffee
  • taking a few minutes to pray or meditate
  • walking, running, being outside
  • dancing
  • riding my bike
  • walking my dog
  • driving by the beach and getting out to breathe the ocean air
  • during my commute to and from work
  • sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of tea
  • sitting for a few minutes in a café or bookstore

Sometimes these methods can produce clarity in just minutes. Other times we need to “step away” for a longer period. That’s what day trips, retreats, and vacations are for.

Listen for It

This Week: Know the conditions that help you hear your own voice.

  • Who are the people who hold that space for you to “hear yourself think”?
  • Is there a longer break —a retreat, day trip, or vacation— you’d like to get on the calendar?
  • What pockets of space can you give yourself daily?

The best decision, the answer to a problem, or insight about what to do next may be closer than you think. Just remember:

In order to hear it, you have to listen.

Here's to you,
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