See Yourself As The Expert

What a Turn of Phrase Can Do

Nine years ago I was sitting in a conference room with my colleague, Joan. We were girding up to tackle the task of creating a brand new graphic exhibit for the company’s corporate briefing center of which I was the director. This job, one of many within a larger project, felt particularly daunting. Even though we had traversed this territory successfully before, this time was different. We felt the pressure of wanting to make it bigger and better and were concerned about communicating the exact right message. And once again, the deadline loomed. We had allowed our creativity to be squelched and were procrastinating with the best of them.

Sensing the need for a dose of confidence, I looked at Joan and said, “You know… they brought us in for this.” It was meant to be humorous, as if the scope of what we were doing were critically important and we were the only ones who could do it! The funny thing is the effect this one phrase had on us: They brought us in. The result was an instant shift. We lightened up and stepped into the roles of experts who were “brought in” for a job only we could do. Silly, I know, but it worked. From there we were able to make creative decisions and get the ball rolling.

They Brought Me In

photo of kitten looking in mirror and seeing a lion. caption: what matters most is how you see yourselfJoan reports that she still uses this technique whenever she needs a jolt of confidence. Keep in mind that it’s not important whether the declaration, “They brought me in,” is based in reality. Two things happen when you allow yourself to get into the spirit of this phrase: 1) It helps you lighten up which makes it easier for you to deliver your best work, and 2) It invites you to step into the role of expert. What if you really were “called in” for your expertise and it was just a matter of doing what you do naturally and easily?

Especially in an environment where you can feel replaceable, sometimes it pays to believe that only you can do the job the way it needs to be done. What if you knew that you were right where you were supposed to be, doing exactly what you were capable of doing, and that you were going to do a spectacular job? Imagine the impact that donning this attitude could have when interviewing for a job, making a presentation, or asking for the sale. How might you behave differently? It’s very likely that your confidence and self-assurance would shine through to stunning results.

Be the Expert

Picture someone who you’d have to “bring in” to do a particular job. Who comes to mind? Bill Murray in Ghost Busters? Underdog? Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear? Donald Trump? Your computer guy? I stand by my conviction that silly unleashes great things!

The next time you feel intimidated by the job on your desk or the scope of something you’re attempting to accomplish, be willing to see yourself as the expert and say out loud, “They brought me in.”

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