Clear a Space-Make a Space

(Part 2)

In part 1, I shared three approaches to rid yourself of clutter and said that clearing a space of what depletes you is actually making a space for something that enlivens you. Now let’s look further at what it means to make a space.

Weeds and Wisdom

photo of a person weedingMy client, Ashley, wanted to surprise her husband with a weed-free garden by the time he returned home from a business trip. Initially overwhelmed by the amount of weeds, she was pleased to discover that spending 20 minutes a day weeding got her through the chore on time. More than that, it inspired a new approach to making her weekly goal of phone calls to prospective customers for her business.

Just this week a friend told me she realized that the reason she’s been so occupied with pulling out the weeds in her garden is that she wants to make a geographic move. She is not only uprooting her weeds; she’s getting ready to uproot herself.

The “making a space” corollary to clearing can be subtle or obvious. You notice that shortly after uncluttering a physical space, you also feel clearer mentally. You get a creative idea, think of a solution to a problem, or simply have an overall sense of feeling lighter. You may also decide to consciously make a space for something in your life: a literal, physical space or a symbolic one.

When you make a space, you are saying:

I do not postpone.
I enjoy now.
I seize the moment.
I am ready for more.

Make Room for the Bloom

Here are some ideas for making figurative and literal spaces in your world:

  1. Make a space for opportunity. What is it that you would like to manifest? A new job, a new customer, an innovative idea? Be ready and waiting for it by creating a physical placeholder. Designate a notebook to capture ideas or a special folder to keep track of leads.

    After tiring of cramped file drawers which screamed, “I don’t have room for new opportunities,” I made it a habit to clear out inactive files and create space for new collaborations and opportunities that arise. A certain amount of empty folders are ready to receive new clients as space in my practice becomes available. Sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of a folder with a blank label on it and smile to myself, imagining who that next person will be and what we’ll work on together.

  2. Make a space for prosperity. This is similar to #1 above except that it’s specifically for M-O-N-E-Y. Invite money to come live with you by “having a room ready”. This can be simple as:

    • Adding an extra line of space on a budget spreadsheet for the increased profit, income, or cash flow that you would like to earn, save, or otherwise allocate

    • Opening a bank account for a specific purpose: vacation, home improvement, college fund, or new venture

    • Making a list of things you would do with a 10% increase to your income or 10% reduction to your expenses.

  3. photo of dining table with flower arrangementMake a space for rest and relaxation. Mark off time on your daily and weekly calendar for activities that restore you. Create an inviting physical space for those things you’d like to do more of, e.g., a corner for quiet contemplation, a chair for reading a good book, or a place to indulge your hobby.

  4. After you clear, beautify. If you previously had papers all over your dining room table and now it’s clear, place a beautiful bowl in the center or a vase with fresh flowers. Going beyond removing the clutter by adding a touch of beauty to the space is a reward for clearing and a benefit itself.

What Will You Make Room For Now?

What do you want to attract into your life? Make a space for it now.

This Week: Using one of the ideas above, consciously make a space for something you now invite into your life. Remember that as you clear out the clutter, you are clearing the way and making room for new growth. Take a lighthearted approach and welcome the blooms that appear.

Here's to you,
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