Give Yourself A Hand!

Eight Minutes

photo of concertWhen I was twelve years old, I had a habit of slipping into my two older sisters’ room when no one was around and cranking up the stereo to dance. Granted I was limited by their selection of albums, as my collection was pretty lean. One particular song —and, all right, I admit that it was on the Barry Manilow Live album— included an eight-minute drum solo followed by wild applause from the crowd. I would listen to this track over and over again while dancing and taking swooping, dramatic bows as the applause rose louder. What an ebullient state I’d be in when I was finished!

2:00 PM

photo of woman applaudingFast forward… I am 22 years old and in my first corporate job. Six months into the “real world” and my friends and I are trying to fight the mid-afternoon malaise that seems to befall the building. I share the drum-solo-applause-receiving-bow-practicing habit of my youth. We contemplate what the workplace would be like if, at 2:00 pm each afternoon, everyone stopped what they were doing just long enough to listen to a few minutes of thunderous applause. We indulge our fantasy and imagine everyone stepping away from their cubicles and gathering at the large fountain in the atrium of our building.

There the resounding applause would permeate the atmosphere for eight full minutes. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, we muse, to feel appreciated every day for our efforts! Just a little boost of motivation to invigorate ourselves for the afternoon’s work ahead.

Applause, Applause!

Call it silly, but I think we were on to something. Silly does wonders to work out the kinks. So here’s a silly assignment that I seriously invite you to undertake this week:

  • Listen to one of the applause links below when you need a quick boost. Save this issue in your email inbox or bookmark this article on-line so you can reference the applause links easily in the future.

  • Go overboard with acknowledging your efforts during the day. Say things like this out loud to yourself: Nice job, [your name]! ~ That a girl! ~ Who’s the man! ~ Wow, that was brilliant!

photo of applause signAcknowledge yourself for all you do and who you are. Practice your bows! While you’re at it, spread the cheer and give someone else a round of applause today, too. Getting into the habit of appreciating yourself enhances your ability to appreciate others. Bravo!

photo of head phonesClick to listen:
Polite Applause
Enthusiastic Applause
Thunderous Applause

Bravo! Bravo! Bravissimo!

Author! Author!

Give it up for _________!

Let’s hear it for _________!

Let’s give _________some love!

Give yourself a hand!

Here's to you,
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