The Perfect Blend

(Series Wrap Up: Can You Make It Happen?)


For the past several weeks, we’ve been entertaining this question: As you think of what you want in your life, do you believe you can make it happen? Here are the series highlights:

Can You Make It Happen? — Heightening your awareness of what is inside and outside of your control results in finding your power. Ask this question daily: What is within my power? When you have your answer, act decisively. Making it happen is really about finding your power.

Will You Allow It?Making things happen must be balanced with allowing them to happen. This means giving yourself breathing room, letting go of struggle, and being ready to receive. Think of allowing as actively participating in creating the conditions for your dreams to unfold.

Detached Doesn’t Mean Dispassionate — A common misconception about the word “detachment” is that it equates to not caring. In the context of this discussion, being detached means taking a larger view of things and putting a healthy distance between you and what you desire.

Where Do You Put Your Trust? — The question of trust is one that has serious ramifications and is especially evident in current times. Ask yourself: In what and in whom do I trust? Consciously placing your trust where you know it is warranted will give you a sense of calm even when the world around you is upset.

When It’s Just Not Happening — When you are not getting the results you want, you can change one or both of the following: how you think about the situation or what you do about the situation. When proof of progress is nowhere to be found, it’s precisely how you interpret this that will impact the ultimate outcome.

Even Measurements

The best approach to any goal, dream, or endeavor is to add even measurements of making and allowing, of standing firm and letting go, of being assertive and being cooperative. This process, while challenging, is the experience of life. It can be made easier when we remember to ask ourselves: What is called for today: an additional dose of making or allowing?

photo of blenderAdd Both, Then Blend

This Week:

  • Identify one place in your life to rev up your power to make-it-happen. What bold action will you take this week?

  • For the area you named, what is one way you will also open up to allowing? See past issues in this series if you need ideas.

Today’s quotation comes from that well-known philosopher, Virginia Kravitz :-). It’s something I jotted down as I was gathering my thoughts for the very first keynote address I gave after launching my coaching business several years ago. I share it with you now, as I think it captures the essence of this can-you-make-it-happen question.

“Vision is…
something I need to be
bold enough to chase,
patient enough to wait for,
courageous enough to claim,
and humble enough to receive.”
—Virginia Kravitz

Here's to you,
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