Remember, Respect, and Believe

Remember Where You Were

As New Year’s Eve approaches, it is fitting to take a look back. Where were you as the year began? How did you feel about the undertakings you embarked upon? What excited you? What felt somewhat daunting? What occupied your thoughts and focus? With whom did you spend time?

Respect Where You Are

photo of hand with compass at seaAs you take stock of the present, there are likely things that have changed, some perhaps dramatically. There may also be areas that feel stagnant, where you had hoped for more progress. Whatever the reality, it is important to respect where you are. This means appreciating what you have, accepting what is challenging you, and being patient with those aspects of yourself or your situation that you wish to improve.

Respecting where you are is respecting the full context of your life. The way your life unfolds is unique to you and has its own mystery and beauty.

Believe In Where You’re Going

When you understand where you started and where you’ve come, and have respect for where you are, then it is natural to believe in where you are going.

I’ve included some resources below to help you reflect on your year and to carry on…with perspective.

“A holiday gives one a chance to look backward and forward,
to reset oneself by an inner compass.”
— May Sarton

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