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An Endless Supply

When I begin working with someone, I provide Reflection Questions to complete ahead of time and that helps us get the coaching conversation started. Recently, I was struck by a new client’s answer to this question: What is present in your life for which you feel grateful?

photo of flowing river“Here’s my short answer,” she wrote, “that I can count on small things to make me happy every day and that the supply of those will never be exhausted.” You can just feel the abundance her answer conveys. There is an infinite supply of things to appreciate. Her use of the words “every day” also acknowledges that gratitude, by its nature, lives in the present moment.

What she called her long answer included things such as: “my husband’s hugs,” “the way each of my pets has such a different personality,” and “knowing I can handle anything”.

The Operative Word Is “Feel”

I know I should be grateful for what I have but… Whenever we hear ourselves say this, we are skipping over the most important place to begin, even when undergoing challenges. In fact, the woman who wrote the words above was dealing with the pressure of looking for a job as she counted the days until her current employment contract would come to an end. She was able to feel gratitude despite having real concerns to address. The operative word here is feel.

Gently bring your mind to something in your life for which you are grateful:

A person, place, or thing you treasure

A privilege you enjoy or perhaps even a challenge you are facing

A certain realization within your heart

A time you felt a connection with the Divine

A gift you received or something you were able to do for another

Something in this very moment

Take an extra minute right now to savor what came to mind for you and allow yourself to be filled up with the feeling of gratitude.

Powered by Gratitude

photo of riverboat water wheelsInstead of just giving our blessings a quick passing over, what would it be like to be powered by gratitude every day? Beginning with gratitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself and everyone around you. This is especially true during times of unique challenge — in our world and in our lives.

Try this for the next few days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday:

  • Each day, remember the words: START HERE and let that be your signal to begin with gratitude. “Beginning” can be literally as you awaken and start your day, as well as when you are about to tackle some work or approach an important conversation.

  • Even if you’re pretty good in the gratitude department, try lingering in the feeling a few moments longer and notice how it fuels you.

“As each day comes to us refreshed and anew,
so does my gratitude renew itself daily.”
— Adabella Radici

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Happy Thanksgiving,
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