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Living Your Potential

Peace and a Present (2007)

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A present for you and also an important note
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Peace and Quiet

I will continue my tradition of ending the year’s e-zine broadcast with a few thoughts about peace and quiet, the only Christmas gifts my father ever asked for when I was growing up.  Not only that, but my father modeled how to carve out a few quiet moments even with family flurry all around him.  I can see him with his legs stretched out, in a living room chair, “inspecting the inside of his eyelids”.   Whenever I spied him taking this time for himself, it made the whole house seem cozier, and often, I felt an irresistible pull into the room, to take a few moments myself.  After about fifteen minutes of grabbing a little solitude, my father would be up and ready to participate in whatever holiday activity or errand was calling his name.

He and I were the only ones in the house who liked to watch the Yule Log on television, a continuous video loop of the fireplace at Gracie Mansion, NY.  It had an accompanying audio of Christmas carols, broadcast on WPIX, Channel 11.  (Anyone remember it?).  Dad and I would sit in the family room with the lights out, pretending we were by a real fireplace.  It was our time for a little peace and quiet.

Find Your Peace

We wait to have peace in our world.  Often it seems we wait to have peace in our own lives.  Yet, as expressed in the anonymous quote below, we can find peace even in the midst of our present reality.  We can find it -- create it -- in the now.

It does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things
and still be calm in your heart.

Happy Holidays and may peace take root in your hearts.

A Present For You

Present #1:
It brings me great joy to continue the tradition of planning a special January event for my subscribers to help you start the New Year off right.  In fact, this year, I will be sponsoring periodic events for you, as a bonus for being a subscriber.  Here is the information for January’s event:

  • WHAT:   1-Hour Teleclass: How You Can Use 3 Questions to Move From Overwhelm To Momentum
  • WHO:     For e-zine Subscribers (F-REE of charge)
  • WHEN:   Choose either Tuesday, January 15 or Thursday, January 31, 7:00 PM EST
  • WHERE: Virtual class (via telephone conference)  
  • REGISTER: Send an email with your date preference to:
    If you would like to have friends participate, simply invite them to sign up for the e-zine, now called Current of Life at, prior to registering.

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Present #2:  
Coaching gift certificates are now available!
  This is a great last minute gift idea (or an early gift idea for Valentine’s Day).  During the months of December and January, subscribers who purchase a gift certificate get an additional one to use for themselves!  This is my gift to you and it applies at every certificate level.  This gift is only for subscribers of Current of Life

Please Note! Important Changes To Your E-zine Subscription: Starting January 1, 2008, the Living Your Potential e-zine will be published under a new name: Current of LifeTo continue receiving it, you will need to re-register.  Please take a moment to do this now.  From time to time, I reconsider the publications that come across my inbox, to make sure I am continuing to enjoy and benefit from them.  I invite you to do the same with any e-zines you receive.   I hope you’ll choose to subscribe to the new Current of Life, not only to read something insightful and say, “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” but also to be encouraged and challenged to take action.

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