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Living Your Potential

Traveling The Distance From What You Know To How You Live

Shouldn't You Be Able To Figure It Out Yourself?

I can hear that they are serious about making a change and interested in the coaching process.  Then comes the moment of hesitation with a silent question attached to it: Shouldn’t I be able to figure out all this stuff myself?

I understand well this silent question because I have asked it also.  We think we should know what to do ourselves.  We think we shouldn’t have to ask for help.  We doubt we’ll learn anything new anyway.  We’ve heard it all before and we know it already.  Yet something intrigues us and we continue to seek.

How Much Are You Willing To Invest In Yourself?

I once attended a workshop during which we were asked to identify the annual dollar figure that we were willing to invest in our personal development.  I had never really considered this as a recurring budget item and I got the point: Don’t be afraid to invest in myself – in fact, plan for it. 

This year, the “how much am I willing to invest in myself” question has surfaced more than once. First, as I contemplated taking my business to the next level, it became evident that I would benefit by employing a communications expert.  While I was excited about the possibility of working with her, I had to first quiet the internal chatter of “Do you really need help?  Can’t you do this yourself?”  I’m glad I didn’t allow that chatter to have the last word because the fruit of our work together was more than worth my investment. 
The second time the investment question voiced itself, it was louder.  In the spring I encountered a health issue and because the treatment I selected was outside of traditional care, I found myself investing a significant amount of time and money.  I knew I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for my car if it needed repair or to lend my time to a loved one.  Once again, the fruit of my investment was manifold. 
Investment isn’t just about money.  It also has to do with the amount of time, energy, and attention you are willing to spend on what matters to you.

Traveling The Distance From What You Know To How You Live

We think we should know what is good for us or what to do about a certain situation.  In fact, often we do know.  So how do we get from what we know to how we live?  That answer is unique to each of us.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of time and opportunity.   Sometimes it is necessary to seek help in manifesting what we know.  Over the course of our lives, we have access to all kinds of guides: financial experts, spiritual advisors, therapists, doctors, holistic healers, business consultants, and professional coaches.  Different phases of our lives call for different kinds of guidance.

It doesn’t matter whether you know what’s good for you.  What matters is what you do about it. 

What steps will you take this week to act on what you know?

 “A large part of the journey toward more enlightened living is
closing the gap between what we know and how we live.”
– Alan Seale (1)

Here's to you,
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(1) Alan Seale, Leadership & Transformation Coach
Author, Soul Mission * Life Vision and Intuitive Living

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