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Living Your Potential

Your 60-Day Challenge

September's Last Week... Use It!

September forever evokes that back to school feeling from youth and if you have children in school, the feeling is magnified.  Summer routines recede and new autumn rhythms beckon.  Ideas from earlier in the year make themselves known again.  This last week of September is the perfect time to sketch out a big goal and a corresponding plan of action.
It is wise to focus on 60 days – to name October and November as your action months, because December will fill itself with end of year reports, holiday preparations, and gatherings.  When you put the extra oomph into October/November, you can reserve December for wrapping up loose ends, reflecting on the past year, and visioning the upcoming year.

A Success Formula

The best formula for success in planning is to have:

Vision, a compelling picture of where you imagine you are headed
Focus, a short term goal that you can aim for in 60 days
Action, steps which you are committed to taking, starting now.

It’s amazing how when you focus on just two of the remaining three months of the year, you often achieve more than if you had planned for all three.

Your 60-Day Challenge

I encourage you to use this last week of September well.  Name the milestone you’d like to mark on November 30.  See yourself there and imagine how you will feel.  Make October 1 the day you step forward into action.

Coaching Boost: If you send me an email by October 1 that names your 60-Day Challenge Goal, I will send you a personal email on October 30, as a half-way-there-check-in and reminder to keep on track.  Go ahead and take advantage of this.  It will give you an extra layer of accountability.  Send to: and put "My 60-Day Challenge Goal" in the subject line. 

Have fun with this!

Here's to you,
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