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Living Your Potential

Do It Beautifully

The Full Translation

When I was growing up in Mt. Vernon, NY, my best friend, Luisa, lived around the block from me.  We would take turns meeting at each other’s houses to play or do homework, usually some combination of both.  Over Luisa’s house, a regular routine would be to sneak into the kitchen’s walk-in pantry and head for the big jar filled with the most scrumptious cookies made by Grandma Luisa, after whom my friend was named. Sometimes the cookies would still be warm, having been added to the jar straight from the oven.  They were round like a biscuit but spongy on the inside, and lightly brown on the outside with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar.   Boy, were they good! 

Years later, I asked Luisa if her grandmother would be willing to share the recipe.  To my delight she agreed and as Grandma Luisa spoke, Luisa translated from Italian, word for word, over the phone.  After listing the ingredients, she came to the directions for mixing the dough.  She paused and I could tell she was smiling and trying to determine how to translate this part.  “What did she say?” I asked eagerly.  "She said to break the eggs beautifully.”  

I comprehended the meaning and so that is exactly what I wrote down: Break the eggs beautifully.  I wanted to see those words every time I made the recipe to remind me that it was not just about the right mix of butter, sugar, and flour.  I was to make the cookies with my heart.

What You Put Into It

Grandma Luisa’s experience had taught her that being confident, having pride in what she was doing, and putting some feeling into it made the discernable difference.  This did not mean she couldn’t work fast or had to have a monk’s meditative concentration, but she did know something about mindfulness.  She knew that taking care to do it right involves the energy you put into a task as much as it does skill.

Make Your Dish A Feast

This week, practice being present to the task at hand.  Notice how your intention impacts the “dish you serve”.  Whether the dish is a conversation, a report, or an actual meal, remember to add that intangible ingredient that makes a tangible difference.  Do it beautifully.

“A cheerful look makes a dish a feast.”
– George Herbert

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