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Living Your Potential

Exercise Your Freedom

Awake To Freedom

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was in a serious car accident.  The scene involved a horrific traffic jam, a helicopter, ambulances, and sadly, a fatality.  Fortunately my friend received only minor scrapes and bruises.  A week later, she told me that she now had complete clarity about how to handle a business dilemma with which she had been grappling in prior weeks.  With her renewed comprehension of how precious life is, she realized that she had the power to propose her own terms on this business deal rather than accept the less attractive conditions that were on the table.

This past weekend I met a woman who had recently become a real estate agent with a well known company.  I commented on her enthusiasm which was combined with a very down to earth, genuine approach.  She then told me that she had almost died two years ago from a health emergency.  After her recovery, she left a 25 year career in the food and commerce industry which she had enjoyed but had grown to be taxing.  In addition to starting a new career, she made other positive changes in her life, including a geographic move. 

We often perceive ourselves to be more limited in our choices than in fact we are.  Sometimes it takes traumatic events for us to awake to our freedom.

Realize Your Freedom

Where in your life might you be operating as if imprisoned or unduly limited in your choices?  Does it involve your job, a relationship, your time, having a voice?

Exercise Your Freedom

Decide this July to do something you have been meaning to do or have just realized you are free to do.  Whether on a large scale or a more subtle one, it does not matter.  Do this because you can.  Notice where you are free, realize what might be possible, and exercise your will to make it happen. 

Exercise your freedom, demonstrate that you value it, and freedom flourishes.

"It is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised
that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives.”
– Dorothy Thompson

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