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Living Your Potential

An Important Pause

Make a Date with Yourself

Each December, I write about the importance of reflecting on the year that is drawing to conclusion.  As we begin to settle in to winter, it is the perfect time for an important pause.  This practice is very grounding and provides gifts that can be received only in solitude.

Rather than just plowing ahead into the New Year, I've found it to be a rich experience when I make two separate dates with myself: an hour or two to debrief on the past year and another few hours to muse a bit on the upcoming year.  Usually, I like to take this time in December, but when that’s not possible, I schedule the time within the first few weeks of January. 

What time will you designate for this important pause?

Questions to Ponder

Recall how the year began.  What was in the forefront?  What did each season bring?  In what aspect of your work were you most engrossed?  What were some memorable times with loved ones?  Were there any significant events that stand out?

With some of the particulars of the year in mind, now recall when you felt most energized, happy, or content.  Also recall your moments of struggle, fatigue, or frustration.  What were your most valuable supports during the year (e.g., people, outlets, habits, routines)? 

Now consider what you have learned.  How have you grown?  Your answer may encompass changes you initiated intentionally and there may be those that occurred in response to unanticipated events.  Both are worthy to note. 
What are your overall observations and insights as you look at the year in totality?  

Receive Your Gifts

Gifts of gratitude, perspective, peacefulness, and motivation are bound to stream in when we allow this pause.  Receive them fully and celebrate another year of life that is uniquely yours.

“With an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things.”

—William Wordsworth

Here's to you,
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