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Living Your Potential

Peace and a Present

(Reprise Issue)

My Father's Wish List

When I was younger, my siblings and I would ask my father what he wanted for Christmas.  His answer was always the same, "Peace and quiet is all I need."  I’d look at him curiously and say, “But, Dad, you ask for the same thing every year.”   Now I tell my father that I understand perfectly what he was after!

Peace and Quiet

Here is an idea for experiencing peace during the next few holiday weeks.  Like a deep breath, this involves letting something out and letting something in. 

Let something out.  Let go of something that is distancing you from your peace and quiet.  This might be an expectation, a commitment, a judgment or a resentment you are holding.

Let something in.  Engage in an activity that nourishes your spirit.  Embrace a meaningful holiday tradition.  Give your full presence to someone in your life.  Gift yourself with a quiet night at home, or at least a few moments during the evening.  Sit down and gaze at the holiday lights, whether they are from your Menorah or your Christmas tree.  Let in the little slivers of peace and notice how it grows.

May you have a peaceful and joyful holiday.

A Present for You

This year, it continues to be a pleasure and privilege to share my thoughts with you and hear from many of you about your observations, challenges, and triumphs.  It is with joy that I offer a special holiday gift to you, as a subscriber to Living Your Potential.

Friday, January 12, will be Subscribers Day.  On this day, I will be running a coaching marathon for subscribers of Living Your Potential.  You are invited to a 30-minute telephone coaching session with me.  Use it to solidify your goals for the New Year, troubleshoot a particular issue, brainstorm a new approach, or anything else on which you would benefit from a coaching perspective.

Appointments will be made on a first come, first served basis.  Last year's Subscribers Day filled quickly, so do make your reservation sooner rather than later.  If you would like friends to participate, simply invite them to sign up for the Living Your Potential e-zine, prior to scheduling.

Receive this gift and start your New Year off right!

Here's to you,
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