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Living Your Potential

Trusting Your Clarity

Two Conversations

Last week I had similar conversations with two people:

A friend called to tell me that she is going to adopt a baby.  Although she and her husband are in the midst of making a major geographical move – to a foreign country – they made the decision to adopt with clarity of mind and heart.

A client with whom I’m working recently completed a program designed to provide clarity on her next career move.  She made some significant discoveries, piecing together her own inklings, and clearly identifying her priorities.  She knows the direction to take.

Ahhh.  Big exhale.  The peace of making a decision that you know in your core is right.  But then...

My friend confessed that no sooner had she started the adoption process than a flood of thoughts descended on her: the myriad of steps to be taken, the emotions involved, and various other concerns.

Similarly, my client commented that now that she knows what she wants, she realizes what she will have to do to get it: move beyond her comfort zone, keep motivated, patiently and persistently move ahead.  She clearly wants to change companies, yet on days when she is not feeling so bold, these thoughts cross her mind: "Well, it’s not so bad here.  Maybe I have it pretty good."

I shared the same insight with both my friend and my client: “Despite the emotional waves you may be experiencing now, you don’t need to question a decision you made in the light.”

In the Light

How do you know whether your hesitation is bringing up something valid to examine or whether it’s just a fearful second-guessing?  If you can remember being clear at the time you made the decision and if you felt peace of mind and spirit, then you made the decision “in the light”.
Once you turn toward executing your decision, you may not feel this peacefulness at all times and that is okay.  It is natural to hesitate after making a big decision.  The hesitation is really a preparation stage during which you are gearing up and getting ready to grow into the desired change. 

Trusting Your Clarity

Once you receive clarity, you must act with courage.  Keep your discoveries and insights in front of you.  This might mean posting a symbolic picture where you can see it, revisiting a page in your journal, or repeating a statement of clarity, “What I do know for certain is that I…” 
Remind yourself that you have done the due diligence and you don’t need to do it again.  Take a deep breath, take a step, and listen for further directions.  You will continue to be guided.  Trust.

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. 
So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer
       Commencement address, Stanford University, June 12, 2005

Here's to you,
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