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Living Your Potential

Creating Your OASIS

A 60-Second Strategy

The last two issues have addressed what to do When Overwhelm is on the Rise.  This uncomfortable feeling can actually be a helpful indicator, if you pause long enough to ask, "What do I need?"  The answer might point you to: a better organizational system, communicating more clearly, letting go of something, or simply realizing that you are at your limit and need a break.

Before this insight can be comprehended, however, it is necessary that you relax long enough to be able to receive it.  In her book OASIS in the Overwhelm, Millie Grenough presents four proven strategies to create more balance in your life.  Each one takes only 60 seconds and can be integrated easily into your day.  Below is an excerpt from the book which describes a balancing strategy Millie learned by watching Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teach a group of children.

1 Stone

Here are directions for the 1 Stone OASIS strategy, reprinted with permission: (1)

  • Place a stone, or any object of comfort, in the palm of your hand.
  • With relaxed attention, look at the stone.  Notice the variations in its color, its texture, its grain.
  • Feel the stone in your hand.  How heavy does it feel?  Is it cool or warm?
  • With your eyes open, breathe in and out very slowly as you look at the stone. 
  • Take nine more in-and-out breaths as you continue looking at the stone.  If your mind wanders somewhere else, that’s okay.  That’s what minds do.  Just bring it back gently to the stone and your breath.

When you finish the ten breaths, stay with your stone a bit longer.  What do you notice now about your body?  Your breathing?  Your heartbeat?  Your thoughts? 

Gradually let your eyes move from the stone to your surroundings.  Keep on breathing as you let the larger picture come into your consciousness.  Take this easy awareness with you as you make the transition into the next moment of your day.

Creating Your OASIS

You can use the 1 Stone strategy any time and especially when you feel stressed.  This simple yet effective way to redirect your focus allows you to balance your total self, regardless of the external environment. 

Don’t wait for circumstances to change.  Learn to create your own oasis.

OASIS Resources

This summer, I have had the pleasure of participating with eight other individuals in a special program with Millie Grenough to become an authorized OASIS Trainer.  To schedule a private training session for yourself or an OASIS workshop for your group, please feel free to contact me directly, or you may visit the website shown below. 

To learn more about the book, OASIS in the Overwhelm, visit:

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(1) Millie Grenough, OASIS in the Overwhelm, 60-second strategies for balance in a busy world, (© 2005 by Millie Grenough, Published by Beaver Hill Press), pages 97-98.  Millie Grenough is an executive coach and international workshop presenter. She is president of Grenough LLC, a coaching and training organization based in New Haven, Connecticut, and is an associate of the Corporate Coaching Center.  Her area of specialization is coaching individuals and groups for Peak Performance, Stress Management, Team-Building, Life/Work Balance, and Presentation Skills.  For more information visit:

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