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Living Your Potential

Back On Course

Don't Throw Away Your Flight Plan

Think back to January.  Did you have certain ideas about what you wanted to accomplish by December?  What were they?  It’s just about the midpoint of the year, so now is a good time to check in.  If you can’t quite see a straight line to your intended destination, don’t worry. 

When a plane takes off from New York and heads for London, it will be off course most of the time.  The pilot must utilize the instruments on board to make adjustments in flight, always looking for the next station, and turning to follow the jetway.  (When you see a jet in the sky and notice an abrupt bend in the white vapor trail behind it, this is what is happening.)  Arriving at the destination is not in question and adjusting course is expected.

Factor in New Information

High winds and turbulence may be part of your flight.  You can’t always anticipate the conditions you will encounter.  Here’s how to get back on course:

Know your coordinates: Where are you now?
Tune into your own radar:  What signals have you received?  What new information do you have?
Follow the jetway:  How can you adjust course?  Is there a new route to take?
Keep an eye on your destination:  Where do you want to land?

Let Your Destination Guide Your Actions

This week, take this metaphor, along with the questions above and recommit to your destination.  Don’t give up on your goals; just adjust your strategy.  Decide how you will navigate the course. Find a way.

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