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Living Your Potential

Say No Every Time

Three Worthy No's

Michelle was looking forward to spending more time with her newborn son and toddler.  It had been difficult to decline the promotion, so it was a great relief when her boss reacted positively and supported her request to reduce hours.  That’s why it surprised her when, several weeks later, her boss began to hard sell the promotion.  She could still picture the spreadsheet turned toward her side of the desk and her boss’ pen, pointing to the salary and bonus that could be hers.  The prestige and money associated with the offer were tempting, yet Michelle was at peace with her decision to go part time. 

Linda’s exact words were, “I know he’s not the one for me, but it’s something to do on the weekends.”  Two weeks later when she broke up with him, she knew she had just made room for something more.

Mark hesitated before he picked up the phone.  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” he thought.  Then he paused to remind himself.  He knew where he wanted to take the business.  If he said yes to this project which fell outside the scope of his target accounts, he’d have no room to take on more.  He placed the call and actually felt he had moved his business forward by saying no.

What's a Worthy No?

Saying no to something that is less than is one of the most powerful ways to bring a larger vision to fruition.  It requires faith and takes courage to say no when the preferred option is not in view. 

This kind of no is not a stubborn refusal to try new things or consider different perspectives.  When you know better —when saying yes would be settling— then it’s a worthy no.  Each time you say no in this context, your clarity and confidence grows.  It reinforces (to yourself and others) what you do want. 

Say No Every Time, until...

As it turns out, saying no is really a big YES to something better, perhaps just not immediate. Whether it is a job, a business venture, or time spent with a potential life partner, it’s time to say yes when you sense the situation truly holds the promise of something you deeply desire. 

This week, as opportunities arise, ask yourself:  Does this situation fit the bill?  Is it time to say yes or is this a worthy no?

“It’s a funny thing about life;
if you refuse to accept anything but the best,
you very often get it.”

— William Somerset Maugham

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