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Living Your Potential

Prune Away!

Making Room for Growth

Nature teaches us that pruning is necessary for continued growth.  In horticulture, pruning is "the removal or reduction of certain plant parts that are not required, that are no longer effective, or that are of no use to the plant.  It is done to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant." (1) 

Spring’s breath of fresh air invites us to prepare our gardens for new growth.  What are the weeds you would like to remove? 

When we reference our own dead branches and weeds, we often use a catchall word: clutter.  Clutter takes on various forms, whether manifested physically (piles of paper, overflowing closets) or mentally (perceived obligations, things we lug around on our “should get to” lists).  In short, clutter weighs us down, holds us back, and makes us feel stuck.

The Lessons and Gifts of Pruning

Pruning the clutter from your life is not about achieving some utopian state of order.  Pruning is an ongoing process.  When you commit to it, there are both challenges and gifts that await you.  Getting rid of clutter requires you to let go and trust that whatever you need will be provided to you exactly when you need it.  Sometimes there is resistance to this, yet when you embrace this philosophy, you begin to feel something unlock.  The letting go becomes ceremonial, joyful even.  You feel lighter and have more energy.  You have room to move and to create.  Still, there is patience required.  The master gardener is patient indeed.

Blooms to Anticipate

Recently I listened as a woman described the clutter in her home.  She desperately wanted to get rid of it.  I asked her to state her larger intention.  At first, she just repeated her desire to get rid of the clutter.  I kept asking until I heard her describe the bloomI intend to create a home that welcomes me and everyone who visits.  Ah – there it was!  Now the details came easily.  A welcoming home meant open spaces, color on the walls, fresh flowers, and clear counters.

What is the growth for which you are making room?  Prune away!  In addition to what you’re pruning, think about what you’re growing.  The next time you’re working on reducing your clutter, remember what you are really doing: giving yourself room to move and grow.

Here's to you,
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(1) Welsh, Douglas F., and Everett Janne. 2005. Follow Proper Pruning Techniques. (accessed May 22, 2006).

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