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Living Your Potential

You're Just Getting Started

Regaining Perspective

Recently, while at lunch with a friend, I mentioned a challenge I was having with a certain business initiative.  He must have detected a hint of frustration and gave me a surprised look that said, “You’re not giving up, are you?”  Of course not, I reassured him.  “Oh good,” he said relieved, “…because you’re just getting started.”

You’re just getting started.  That snapped me into perspective and I smiled to myself.  A similar thought had recently occurred to me, yet he had given it expression.  His statement was delivered matter-of-factly with an implied confidence, as if my success was guaranteed.  What if it was?  The most important context this provided was that it reminded me of the merit in the work I am attempting to achieve.  I do not need to rush.

Keeping Perspective

It was just like the many ambitious people with whom I work.  Inevitably, at some point in their endeavor, they anxiously want to be there and rebuke themselves for being here.  We tend to judge ourselves and measure our success against our own expectations rather than looking at far we’ve come.  We focus on moving things along quickly instead of appreciating the process and the transformation taking place.

In one way or another, if you are living a life of discovery, there is always an area in which you are “just getting started”.  It might involve a new responsibility, the strengthening of a relationship, a new fitness goal, or a new business venture.  It will serve you well to acquire the skill of keeping perspective.

What Is Your Perspective?

Where are you just getting started?  If you are building toward a worthy goal, it most likely will take some time.  Do you need to remind yourself of the larger context? 

Remember where you were.  Respect where you are.  Believe in where you’re going.  Carry on… with perspective.

Here's to you,
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