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Living Your Potential

Your TV Habit

(The 21 Day Experiment, Part 2)

Watch What You Eat

We are TV consumers.  We watch sitcoms, crime dramas, talent shows, celebrity interviews, news headlines, and preposterous “reality” scenarios.  We like to laugh, poke fun at, be informed, be shocked, and most definitely, we like to escape.

When does it stop being relaxing and entertaining and start becoming addictive and mind-numbing?  It’s a valid question to ask, especially since most of us complain about not having enough time for other pursuits.

Turn the Channel

Dr. Andrew Weil, renowned medical researcher and pioneer in integrative medicine, suggests taking periodic “news fasts” or “media breaks” to reduce stress and invite renewal.  In his book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, he states, “I think it is useful to broaden the concept of nutrition to include what we put into our consciousness as well.  Many people do not exercise much control over that and as a result take in a lot of mental junk food.” (1)

Years ago, I stopped listening to morning talk radio on my drive to work.  The disc jockey’s antics irritated more than they entertained, so it was easy to give up.  I replaced it with my favorite music and found my mood much improved, upon arrival at work each day.

What about some of that mindless TV I love?  I still watch my share, however, I try to be conscious of whether I’m truly enjoying it or whether it’s just filler.  Recently, I’ve been experimenting with having a 9:00 PM cut off time.  While sometimes I resist it, I never regret it when I honor the cut off.  I find that I am reading more, relaxing more deeply, and, here’s a novel idea, actually going to bed when I’m tired.

Must See TV

If you could use some extra time – whether it’s to relate to a loved one, to exercise, be productive, or simply relax – consider taking a break from your normal TV pattern. 

TV takes up space and energy.  TV takes your time.  If you reclaim just one hour a day, you will deposit two weeks into the annual bank account of your time.  Reducing your intake by two hours a day will give your calendar an entire bonus month.  There is a new must see show coming and it’s called Your Life.  Make sure you don’t miss it!

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(1) Andrew Weil, M.D., 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1997), page 78.  For more information visit:

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