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Living Your Potential

What Are You Waiting For?

Salon Talk

I was sitting in the chair and chatting with my hairdresser, covering a variety of subjects as usual.  The conversation turned to things we want to do before dying.  “I have a list,” she said.  “Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, volunteer as a reader at my church, build a snowman...”

“Build a snowman?”  I asked.  Yes, she explained.  It had been years since she had played in the snow and her young daughter reminded her of how much fun it is.  “Then there’s sky diving,” she continued.  Although unsure if she was still serious about this one, it was fun to keep it on the list as a possibility.

Now the others around us were beginning to join our conversation, eager to share what would be on their “do before dying” lists.  I feverishly scribbled notes: “Travel the world, drive a race car, own a boat, learn to garden, sponsor a child in a poor country, cruise to Alaska, write a book, conquer fear of public speaking, run a marathon...”

Ten Things I Want To Do In My Lifetime

What would you like to do in your lifetime?  Right now, jot down the first ten things that come to mind.  Don’t think too much – just write.  It’s important that you go for at least ten (not because you have to do all ten things to have a happy life, but because good ideas come out once you’re on a roll).

1.    ______________________________________________________________________________________________

2.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

3.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

4.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

5.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

6.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

7.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

8.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________

9.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Start Now

Last summer I started taking ballroom dance lessons.  My husband agreed to join me, knowing it had been on my list for years.  I wondered why I had waited so long and relished that I was actually doing it now.  Perhaps some things need the right time and place, yet sometimes we wait when we could be taking action.

Look at your list and select something to do or begin now.  If it just isn’t possible to do right away, do something related to it.  For example, if it’s “Visit Italy” you could: buy Italian language CDs, subscribe to a travel newsletter, sketch out an itinerary, sign up for an Italian wine tasting class, or set a deadline for taking the trip.

Go ahead.  Pick something from your “Do in My Lifetime List” today.  What are you waiting for?

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