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Living Your Potential

What Direction Are You Facing?

New Year

Counting down the last few seconds on New Year’s Eve is filled with emotion — all at once a swirl of bittersweet endings and hopeful beginnings.  The passage of time is celebrated because time is limited and precious. 

A new year affords the opportunity for reflection and renewal.  Before dashing off into the flurry of activity that awaits you after the holiday interlude, it is wise to pause and consider where you are headed.

An Opportunity for Renewal

Take a look at the various aspects of your life:

Work, career, business
Financial health
Spiritual health, sense of connectedness
Physical health, energy level, vibrancy
Sense of purpose, contribution
Level of joy, peace, contentment

For each of these areas, ask yourself:  If nothing were to change is that okay with me?  If I continued on the same path, what would be the impact (to myself and others) six months from now?  One year from now?  Six years from now?

In certain areas, you may determine that you are on the right track.  If this is the case, you will feel confident and assured as you move forward.  Other areas may require a navigational adjustment.  In some cases, a complete turnaround may be warranted.  Once again, ask yourself a question: 

Which area needs my attention first?

Now, set an intention for that area.  It can be as simple as:  This year I will take charge of my finances in a new way.  This year I will explore what’s next for me in my career.  This year I will seek ways to nurture my spirit.  This year I will invest in my relationship with _________.

You don’t need to know all the how(s) and when(s).  More specific actions to take will emerge in the coming days.  Just declare your intention, make a decision, a promise, a commitment.  Each new year —and each new day— gives us the chance to assess, adjust, and renew.

“If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.” 
— Buddhist Proverb

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