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Living Your Potential

Series Wrap Up: Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

It All Works Together

The last seven issues have been dedicated to elements of positive thinking.  Let’s take another look to underscore how they all work together. 

First we discussed becoming aware of what limits your thinking by:

  • Noticing your internal dialogue (i.e., what you say when you talk to yourself)
  • Recognizing your personal critic and giving it a name
  • “Unlimiting” beliefs that you’ve outgrown.

Then we addressed:

  • Using productive questions as a bridge to possibility
  • Setting a larger intention as an important precursor to action
  • Picturing success and mentally rehearsing your desired outcome
  • Creating a mantra, affirmation, or personal theme to remind you of the direction in which you’re moving.

How To Practice Positive Thinking

If you are interested in building your positive thinking skill set, select one of the areas highlighted above to strengthen.  Catch yourself when you are running a negative pattern or listening to an “old tape”.  You can also incorporate a certain physical move, a deep breath, or a verbal cue to signal that you are changing gears.  Remember that a good question is the pivot point that will open you up to more expansive thinking. 

Do whatever you must to cultivate your ability to think positively because…

“Whatever you vividly imagine,
ardently desire, sincerely believe, and
enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass."
— Paul J. Meyer

You can access the entire series: Does Positive Thinking Really Work, by visiting my ezine library.

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