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Living Your Potential

Motivation Doesn't Last

Fleeting Inspiration

It’s great to hear a compelling speaker or to read an inspirational book, but why is it that sometimes the motivation we’re sure of in the moment seems to evaporate before we can say Monday morning? 

Be ready for when not if

At the onset of coaching, when we start to identify goals, clients will often confess, “I’m afraid I won’t stay motivated.”  My response is, “That’s probably true.  You won’t.”  This may sound like a strange thing for a coach to say, but it often comes as a great relief!  It’s best to be ready for when, not if this happens. 

Some of the things I do to motivate myself when I’m “just not feeling it” include: 1) Reviewing insights I’ve written previously, when my vision was clear and my motivation was strong, 2) Taking a few minutes to reflect and center myself each morning, 3) Reading a page or two from a book that inspires me, and 4) Playing music that makes me feel calm, energized, or empowered.  (This one works like a charm!) 

Here are some other things you can do:

• Make sure you’re playing big enough: Are you clear on what you want?  Do you really want it?  Why?
• Make sure you’re working small enough: Have you carved out a realistic focus?  Overreaching can backfire.
• Post a visual symbol of what you’re aiming for where you can see it.
• Move physically. 
• Tap into your support system.  Call someone and receive a pep talk.

Become your own Master Motivator

You don’t have to feel motivated 100% of the time, nor will you, but your motivation muscle is one you can build.  Learn what inspires you and use it to your advantage! 

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
– Zig Ziglar

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