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Living Your Potential

Daring to Doubt

Turning the Table on Your Doubts

Knowing I have a voracious appetite for things inspirational, a friend of mine gave me a calendar that has a different quotation each month.  One of them in particular struck me:

“If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” – Don Ward

Initially, I glanced over it, “Yes, that’s a nice quote.”  Then I thought about just how frequently our doubts come into play.  They stop us dead in our tracks.  We edit ourselves, back off our dreams, and trim down our attempts because of potential limitations.  What if we turned the table on our doubts?  What if we actually made it a point to doubt our limits instead?  What would that be like?

Choose Your Doubts Carefully

It’s true that sometimes our doubting minds can actually serve us by raising legitimate factors to be considered.  If we’re operating on “doubt default” however, we diminish our ability to think creatively and expansively.

If you catch yourself dwelling on all the reasons your idea might fail, balance the scales and ask yourself:  What if I am on to something?  What if my success were certain?  What if I haven’t even begun to imagine what is possible for me?

Daring to Doubt

It takes a certain kind of daring to doubt your limits.  But I doubt you aren’t up to it and I bet you are!

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