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Living Your Potential

2010 — How Do You Picture It?

Future Snapshot

When my husband and I were preparing to get married three years ago, our minister asked us to write down how we pictured our lives 40 years from now.  We chuckled at the assignment which we presumed was usually given to younger couples in their 20’s.  (We were 37 and 47 at the time.)  Jess’ initial response was, “Well, in 40 years, I just hope I can hear what she’s saying!”  We did actually complete the exercise independently, and it was very meaningful to compare notes with each other afterward.

The year 2010 still sounds futuristic to me and yet it’s only five years away.  Periodically, a peek into the future, or at least what we imagine for ourselves, can be enlightening. 

The Year 20__

Try this exercise.  Give yourself 10-20 minutes.  Select a time at least 5 years from now (April, 2010) or even further out (2015, 2020).  Write a few paragraphs describing your life in the year you haven chosen.

Before you begin writing, close your eyes and allow yourself to inhabit this time.  Imagine a particular day of the week, how the weather is, what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, and how you are feeling.  How old are you and the people close to you?  What captures your attention these days?  What is important to you?  Write in the present tense and just see what comes to you.  Add as many specific details as you can.

After jotting down all you’ve “observed,” you may also add how you would like your life to be.  What would have transpired (in your personal life and work life) in order for you to feel content and happy?  What has changed?  What area of your life has become fuller?  What have you let go of or learned?  What is present for which you are grateful?  Of what are you most proud?  What is on the horizon?


How do you feel about what you wrote?  Is there anything that surprises you?  Makes you feel uncomfortable?  Excites you? 

Is there any aspect of this vision that can be introduced now – lived now?
What has to happen now for the future you are imagining to occur?

Here's to you,
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