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Living Your Potential

Act On What You Know

Contemplating New Directions

In the last issue, I talked about gathering clues on your way to determining the direction to take.  I encouraged you to notice bits and pieces prior to having the solution in full view.  Like a puzzle or mosaic, the whole picture eventually emerges.

Even as you are in the midst of clue gathering, action will be required of you.  Sometimes we are so preoccupied with knowing how it ends that we don’t pay attention to the task that is right before us.  We seek answers but do not act on the part we already know. 

Act On What You Know

A friend of mine was frustrated about not having enough time to research some career options.  She was also laboring over a decision about which of two houses to purchase.  Neither situation was very clear to her.  However one thing she did know was that it was time to end a relationship that had become an unhealthy factor in her life.  In fact she had known this for a while. What does taking action in your personal life have to do with making a career decision or purchasing a home?  Sometimes, everything. 

A client of mine who wanted to negotiate a long overdue raise finally arranged to “pay herself first” even before she got the salary adjustment (a savings habit she had wanted to form for a long time).  She then scheduled an appointment with her boss and yes, she did get the increase.

A man wondering whether he would like the catering business decides to take a course and then shadow a friend who is a caterer for two weekends.  What he knows for sure is that he is interested enough to check it out. 

Each step leads to another and clarity comes easily once you start acting on what you know.

What Action Is Calling You?

What do you know for certain?  Where do you know enough to take a step?  It might be something big or something small.  Whatever it is, do it.  Act on what you know.  Further instructions await you.

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