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Living Your Potential

There ARE Enough Hours in the Day

From the series: Owning Your Time

"There just aren't enough hours in the day."

Ever hear yourself singing this refrain?  I certainly used to but not anymore.  Despite being organized by nature and a good planner, I was still often frustrated when the day ended and I glanced at what was left to be done.  Then I discovered the missing piece.  I realized that I had a deficit mentality with regard to time, a defeatist approach that set me up for frustration.  If I believed there were not enough hours in the day, then you can bet this proved itself to be true every time.  I was only defining success by if I did it all (which, of course, was impossible).

It took me a while to learn this lesson: Having an abundance mentality is the key to being successful and satisfied with how you spend your time.  Time management fails if doing more is the only goal.  Beyond time management and efficiency (which are important) is: Owning Your Time

What if you really believed it?

“There is time for everything.”  That’s what Thomas Edison said.  What would you do differently if you believed that you had just the right amount of time –ample time, even– to do what you are meant to be doing?  Beginning with this belief puts the focus where it needs to be: on what you are capable of, on your power to choose, and on your responsibility to choose well and be accountable.

There is an important distinction to be made between time for what is most important and time for anything that begs for your attention.

Deficit or Abundance: Choose Your Mindset

The first step toward owning your time is to consider your mindset.  What are your underlying assumptions about time?  Are they serving you?  Practice approaching your day with an abundance mindset and you will feel a new sense of power and the peace of mind that comes from choosing well.

For examples of shifting your mindset from deficit to abundance, send an email to with “abundance mindset” in the subject line.

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