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Living Your Potential

Leap + Steady-As-You-Go

A Strategy for Approaching Your Goals

From Personal Experience

Brian likes to go for the gusto.  A successful business owner, he excels at finding new and lucrative opportunities.  He tends to put off things such as organizing the stack of files on his desk, improving his client feedback system, and keeping to his exercise routine.  Terry, a corporate director, can work a project plan like nobody’s business.  She gets it done.  That’s why she’s given assignments for the most prestigious customers.  Her vulnerability?  The I must do X before Y syndrome.  She’s getting ready to propose an idea that would involve assuming an exciting new role… just as soon as the busy season is over.

And me?  I can relate to both of these people.  A few years ago, as I was starting my business, a framework emerged which I not only have used for myself, but have shared with many others.  It works.  Here’s how it goes: Make sure you are doing something that is a LEAP, while at the same time, keep working the STEADY-AS-YOU-GO track.

How This Works

Leaps ensure that you don’t play small, get caught in a linear trap, or become overly methodical.  You know it’s a leap if:

  • It excites you, scares you a little, or takes you out of your comfort zone.
  • You hear yourself saying, “Wow, if I did that it would really make a difference.”
  • It’s that thing that keeps bugging you that you want to do, but just haven’t gotten around to yet.

Steady-As-You-Go refers to those smaller but necessary steps that are part of working your plan.  They may be basic, but incrementally, will have great impact.  It’s part of the Steady-As-You-Go track if:

  • It would simplify a process or make your life easier.
  • It has to do with acquiring an important skill.
  • It would make what you offer more robust.
  • It positions you for a leap.
  • It frees up your energy. 

Parallel Tracks: A Model You Can Use

Consider this model, the parallel tracks of Leap and Steady-As-You-Go.  Think of a specific goal.  Now, think of a LEAP  something that will catapult you ahead.  Also identify those other projects that will move you forward, albeit gradually.  Each month, each week, make sure you’re playing on both tracks. 

Here’s the really great thing.  You’re not only going to notice more rapid progress, but also, working on your goals becomes a lot more fun.

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