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Living Your Potential

Support You Need for the Changes You Want

A fresh year invites you to conjure change and set your sights a little higher.  Installing effective supports greatly reduces the amount of struggle that often accompanies change. Here are six things to include in your support system:

1. People = Your Support Team
Think of positive and trustworthy people you respect on whom you can rely for encouragement and ideas.  This could include friends and family members as well as professionals (a colleague, teacher, personal trainer, financial advisor, attorney, or professional coach).  Each individual will support you in a different way. 

2. Routine = Your Support Structure
Design a way to keep track of your priorities and stay focused.  This means having a method of organization that works for you and also having protected time within your weekly schedule for your most important projects and goals.

3. Money
What actions can you take that will support you financially and enhance your security during the changes you are making?  What can you do so that you will not experience undue pressure during this time? 

4. Boundaries
These are limits you put in place to protect yourself and your precious time and energy.  They might relate to certain activities, people, or commitments.

5. Self-Care
This is an essential part of your support system, not an extra!  Begin to think about the ways you can take care of yourself.  What habits refresh your body, mind, and spirit?

6. Attitude
Your own mindset and willingness to try new approaches is most definitely an instrumental part of your support system.  Become aware of any habits of the mind which are counterproductive.  Notice what inspires you and learn how to motivate yourself.  Invent a personal theme for the year and post it where you can see it.

Create Your Support System

What are some specific things you would like to do that will support you as you tackle your goals? 

1. People to include on my support team: ___________, ___________, ___________, and ___________.

Whatever supports you, make it a priority.

Here's to you,
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