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Living Your Potential

That's History

What I Needed To Hear 

At the end of this year, I’ll be celebrating one of those ‘big decade’ birthdays.  A goal I have is to arrive at my birthday in the best physical condition ever.  Part of what this means to me is taking my exercise routine to the next level.  I’m on track now, but a couple of months ago this wasn’t the case.  I heard myself lamenting to a friend about how disappointed I was in my efforts for the first half of the year.  I was mid-sentence when he interrupted me and said, “Yeah, but that’s history.”

“History!”  In one split second, he succeeded in refocusing me to where I was going instead of where I had been.  There was still time to reach my goal if I stopped looking backward.

Interrupt Yourself

Are you lamenting over something to the extent that it’s keeping you in place?  You may not even notice, until you’re interrupted, so interrupt yourself.  

Here's How: Put Something in the "That's History" Column Today

What are you tired of hearing yourself repeat?  Name what’s history so you can claim the future.  Decide what you will start doing, beginning today. 

I’d love to hear what you declare is history!  In fact, I’m forming a collection.  Feel free to contribute your item to my list. (It will be anonymous.)  Telling someone helps.  I know my friend’s comment certainly got me moving again!

Here's to you,
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